Raising your child to love God: You can do it!!

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1 Peter 1:6 New International Version (NIV)

In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.

familyIn this cold and dark world it can be very hard sometimes to raise our children to believe in God, love him and to have good values. If you open your eyes you will see everything from the Disney tv shows, to the children movies that are coming out how they are full of so much mess. We are being led and pushed to accept things that are not of biblical foundation and if we stand against them we are seen as unkind or evil. Well I’m not going with the flow I rather swim upstream.

A few days ago I went to my daughters parent teacher conference and what her teacher shared with me really warmed me up inside. I’ve been praying and trying so hard to instill in her the values that I grew up with and cherished. I’m not going to lie it’s been hard! Nonetheless, glory be to God that he blessed me with the strength and knowledge to not just teach her how to keep her eyes on God and seek his own heart but to live it.

bestrongI love to praise and worship God. I love to share how great he is. I love to help others and my daughter grew up watching me. I finally realized that this past week when we did a praise dance together at church. She chose the song, and choreographed the whole production. I was so shocked and in tears because it was like God gave me a taste of her future. She is at the age right now that she is asking questions about everything. She is learning about new things from school that doesn’t come up at home and she’s asking questions. She loves music so it comes to her naturally to remember lyrics and to unconsciously sing and hums everywhere. I’ve had to ask her to change songs many times. I should know how it is, she is just like me!kaylas-and

The thing is from the day my daughter was born I already imagined her future. I already spoke life into her future. I asked God to change me and teach me to be a mother who’s after His own heart. I threw myself in the word of God, I lived to serve him. I was seeking him everywhere I go but most of all I praised him and honored him. I will not sit here and say that it was easy. OOOOHHHH NOOOO! There were times I broke down; there were times I got lost. There were times I fell and didn’t know how I would get up. There were times I lost my way.

See the thing is God never gave up on me! He never left my side! He kept me and thought I was worthy when so many left my side. Through this process my daughter saw my ups and she’s seen my downs. She has been a witness to my transformation. It can be hard sometimes but it’s not impossible. At the age of 2 she fell in love with praising God. At 5 she started to pray over me, at the age of 6 she started ministering life into my situations. At the age of 7 God used her to prophesy life in my belly and just as she explained the dream to us our son was born just like that. We were told by doctors having a child after several miscarriages was impossible. See God had his own plan and use our daughter to give birth to those plans. Now she’s 9 she shared with us that she wants to help other children learn how to do praise dances and glorify our Lord and Savior. I am crying and am so humbled by God’s grace and mercy. I pray so much for my children and will continue to pray for them and when I am seeing my prayers being answered I’m just in awe of the glory of God!makayla

My friend I am sharing this with you because; we as parents are not perfect, we are sinners saved by grace. Our children are watching our every step. They are watching our growth with the Lord. They are watching to see if we are doing what we are asking them to do. I DON’T WANT TO BE THE WOMAN THAT ONE NEEDS TO DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO!

I want to encourage you to become the person that you are asking your spouse, children, family, and friends to be. Become the leader and they will follow. Below is a video of my daughter and I giving birth to her ministry. It’s her passion to help teach young children like her to do praise dance and give God praise and glory. Please click the link below to watch her performance and share! May the Lord bless you!



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