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cropped-ME-1.jpgI am Baby Jeudy Dorzion also known as “Coach Baby”. I am indeed a blessed woman and a life-changer. Born in the Island of Haiti, at a young age lost both my parents and became an orphan and homeless. Through it all God has always been there for me watching me and guiding me by His grace and mercy I am here! I am on fire for Jesus, a wife to wonderful husband and mother to two adorable children. With my eloquent yet transparent approach I am committed to empowering women who are at the edge ready to jump off. My passion and calling is to teach, counsel, coach and guide women on how to operate authentically and un-apologetically in their divine calling by finding their identity, healing their brokenness, reach out for help and excepting help. I am a Christian Life Coach and business coach. I currently reside in Alaska, Where I am a proud member of Christian Worship Center. There I serve in the Homeless Women ministry. I am also a thriving business owner in which I operate multiple entities such as: CEO and Founder of A Light of Hope Inc. and President and Founder of Giving Birth to My Blessings Enterprises where I lead as a Professional Christian Life and Business Coach. The Giving Birth to My Blessings movement was birthed on a mission to spread the love of Jesus throughout the nations. Whether it is via conferences or our classes we teach. I am the founder of Giving Birth to a Queen. My mission is simply to share my testimony on how God can take a nobody and turn me to a very successful business owner, mother and wife. My story gives hope for others to see that Jesus is indeed Lord and He can bring you out of whatever you are in!


gbq-saMy name is Sophia Antoine. I am a certified Life and Relationship Coach, speaker, and blogger. I encourage women to work through their past emotional pain. This means that the women I work with have been hurt in the past and they continue to carry that hurt with them into their present relationships. I also partner with women who find themselves in the same relationship repeatedly, but with different people.
My posts will cover depression, emotional pain, forgiveness, eminences, I can’t reach the people you can. You can’t reach the people I can, but if we work together, we can work recovering, and restoration. You can expect to hear from me on a weekly basis. I would also love to hear from you. Please feel free to ask questions or submit comments. I am committed to answering every one.

As we start out journey together, I’d like to encourage you. I want you to know that your pain is not in vain. Some women think they deserve the hurt that has been inflected upon them because of poor decisions that were made in the past. To an extent, that may be true, but it goes deeper than that. You must experience your pain to reach those near to you and be a light for them. Although we have similar experience those who God intended.

You are a perfect and whole human being right now. You may not feel it. You may not believe it, but it’s is true. The truth doesn’t cease to be true just because you don’t believe it.

I look forward to serving you.

Growing together,


gbqcMy name is Christine Griffin and I blog about home, family, and DIY over at Sword Fights & Starry Nights. I have my master’s in human resource management and love to study motivational psychology. I’ve had the opportunity to live in various places across the US and love to see people in their various walks of life. I play the cello and piano and I love playing music with people- differences don’t matter, language barriers go down- we all shar
e and create together. I have two kids, a mess of laundry, and a bengal cat.

My blog address is:


Susan Day is a mother, and grandmother. She volunteers at a food pantry, writes, and loves to help people. She writes poetry, children’s stories, and any other thing that comes to mind. She is learning how to stand on her own after the break up of her 33 year marriage. She is a survivor and her family before her, as a relative of George Donner of the Donner party, fighting to survive is in her blood.




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